• Puerto Rico: urgently needed tarps delayed by failed $30m Fema contract

  • Whitefish energy company halts work to restore Puerto Rico's power over unpaid bill

  • Puerto Rico was hit with a new power outage Thursday Nov 9th

  • several cities, including the capital of San Juan, without power

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    Current News:

    Young woman receives two generators for her family in Puerto Rico.

    Karynell received two generators for her family in Puerto Rico. One for herself and her family and another for her father and grandmother. Her grandmother is diabetic and has been running an extension cord from a neighbor’s home to keep her insulin cold.

    “Yes my grandmom is diabetic so she is going to be more than blessed with this. Yes they have a power cord to the neighbor’s house so they can keep the insulin cold”

    “I don’t have words to thank y’all for this. My sister was crying on the phone and my heart is beating so fast because I know this is really important for them. Thanks thanks a lot. She got it and yall make a wish come true.”

    hurriup.org could not have made this happen without your support and the team effort required to get these and 20 other generators to those who need them in Puerto Rico. According to USA today, “six weeks since hurricane Maria and 70% of Puerto Rico is still without power”. With a population of 3.4 million inhabitants, this means that about 2.3 million people are living without many basic necessities. The Puerto Rican government predicts that only 95% power will hopefully be restored by December. People like Karynell’s grandmother struggle to maintain their medical supplies or devices now and can not wait until December or possibly even longer.

    With your support we can purchase more generators to send to Puerto Rico. For every $5000 US dollars we raise, we can purchase and ship twelve generators. We have been able to ship 22 generators so far. Many more are urgently needed.

    We ask for your support in this effort as we make direct impacts to those who need relief the most. Currently we are providing generators for those in Puerto Rico.

    We can purchase 12 generators for $5000 US Dollars with shipping included

    Thanks to your support, twenty-five generators and dedicated relief supplies were delivered on Monday October 16, 2017 by our contact in Puerto Rico. The shipment was dedicated to residents in the mountains who requested tarps, generators, and other needed supplies. Our contact received one generator for his family and the remaining shipment was distributed by another contact assisting the farmers. From there, Karynell received two generators while the rest of the generators and supplies were given to the farmers. Everything went smoothly. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this mission a great success.

    Thank YU for supporting our efforts

    Generators headed for Puerto Rico
    Thank you hurriup.org and portlight.org

    Many thanks to the groups who coordinated the relief run into Puerto Rico, as it was a total team effort.

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    Portlight: Latest Announcement
    Greetings to our friends, supporters and everyone impacted by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria over the past 33 days:
    Thanks to each of you for your generous and ongoing support.

    Calamity knows no borders, only Men's minds and maps do.


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